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One step ahead with Course Flow

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Prepare your course activities ahead of time. It's that easy.

Use our Flows for building your course material ahead of your class time. Include PDFs, quizzes, games, and activities ahead of your class time. That way, you won't spend unnecessary time during class flipping between documents just to find something you need. Everything will be ready for you.

But, how?!

1. Build Your Flow

Build your course flow Build your course flow with your pre-existing course material like PDFs, video, or audio. Add extra fun activities, quizzes, and games. Decide how much time you will spend on each of them and put them in any order you want!

2. Create Your First Session

Perculus works for both online and offline classrooms. Create your first session and add your course flow to it. Everything you have prepared will go straight into your session!

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Group or 1-1

Do you need your participants to work in groups? Perculus has ice breakers that enable group based decision making, individual thinking and everything in between. You can easily find a suitable ice breaker for the context of your class.

Improve user experience

Make your audience relaxed and functional with easy to use ice breakers. Enable your users to unlock achievements and badges based on their performance.


Add more engagement to your training

Can you concentrate hours of video lecture in front of your computer with lots distractions around you? Yes you can, if you engage the learners and make them part of the show.

Add Engaging Content

Don't just share video or screen. Do more with rich activities in Perculus

Deliver Surveys

Use Perculus's polls or add a more complicated survey with your favorite tool.

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