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The Most


Virtual Training Solution

Built with Enterprises in Mind

Add Perculus to your company's training program to increase audience engagement and productivity. Take advantage of the most customizable instructional tool available to exceed session goals.


Corporate Reporting

Get all the data you need to track your organization's sessions. Platform-wide reports are one click away for you and your managers to access!

Hold Large-Scale Sessions

Enterprises with large audiences can host up to 1000+ participants in one session. Perculus works everywhere, including your servers. Get in touch with us to talk about more dedicated installation


Get the most out of your live sessions....

Deliver Better Results

Use Perculus' ever-expanding activity and tools library to further improve your training results. Increase attendee satisfaction with unique, mind-bending activities. Keep everyone on track with you and never lose control in a training environment.

Integrate With Your LMS

Use our API integration or LTI tool; Perculus fits perfectly with your own LMS. Our comprehensive API and LTI panel gives you all the features that Perculus offers.

Enterprise Features

All Enterprise plans include custom domains, SSO and custom integrations.

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