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No matter where,

Perculus got your back.

Gamify Your Classroom

Add Fun Activities to your classes.

Add some fun collaboration to your courses with insightful games and activities. Assess your students in the most fun way possible while getting the best analytics for your class.

Create Great Icebreakers

One of the most common problems with virtual classrooms is a lack of engagement. "Two Truths and a Lie" is just one of many Icebreakers that will engage your participants more with each session. It's also perfect for getting to know more about your participants than just their name!

Assessment and Evaluation

All Perculus activities are built with assessment and evaluation in mind. While your participants play games or use icebreakers, you, the instructor, get the benefit of real-time feedback from our Analytics engine. Create TV-show quality quizzes for assessing your participants' knowledge, without compromises.

Advance with Flow

Once you start using our course Flow, you will see how easy it is to add detailed games and activities without disturbing the timeline of your classes.

Videoconferencing or Not

All Perculus games and activities are ready for online and offline training environments. You can use Perculus for an all-in-one solution to videoconferencing, or you can use it to enhance your offline training sessions. Just share the link and you are ready to take off!

Push Creativity and Engagement Forward

Use Perculus activities to divide people into groups, get them to complete a half filled canvas, or play "Two Truths and a Lie". Don't get lost in the wording. Perculus coordinates all activities for you in the background and takes the weight off of the instructor when it's activity time!

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"Connect and Communicate Seamlessly to your Student as Instructor." The Best thing about Perculus is the Breakout Feature which helps you to preplan the Entire session in advance so you do not get disrupt and keep the audience engaged. Its Breakout and Session Planner Feature are amazing. More
Nikhil S.Nikhil S.Instructor & Senior Software Engineer

Add Games and Activities to your sessions without the hassle of coordinating them.

You won't believe how easy it is. It's even easier than moderating a Zoom call!

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