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Manage Your Time with Fun

Ice-breakers, time-fillers, and mini-games are all at your disposal! Attach the activities that Perculus offers to your sessions to increase audience involvement.


Organize and Report

Would you like to have some support that keeps track of your sessions? How did it go or how is it going? Is your audience involved? Are they engaged with each other? Perculus uses a specialized learning analytic. We track your session to give you the best insight! With our live session, after-session, and overall reports; you can deliver the best performance for your audience!

Get the most out of your live classrooms..

Instant Start with No Install

No installation is required! Perculus works perfectly with most browsers and devices out-of-the-box. Our web platform gives you and your audience the native experience that you search for across computer, mobile or tablet devices.

Easy to use

With Perculus' simple and intuitive user interface, you will never feel lost. Onboarding takes seconds to complete. Our self-explanatory features and activities will guide you through your Perculus experience.

Better Live Assessment

Tired of traditional question-and-answer methods? Perculus gives you the option of transforming your assessments into lively activities like reach-for-the-top quizzes, debates and more! Always keep your K12 audience's attention in your class with fun Perculus games and tasks.

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