Always know what's happening in your training sessions.

Go beyond basic attendance reports for your training sessions. Use Perculus' live signal-based reporting to further increase your productivity and make sure everyone is getting the most out of your course. Asses your participants effectively and efficiently.

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Engagement Index


Perculus Engagement Index is an analytics tool designed to help you during your training sessions. Our Engagement Index keeps track of what's happening during your class and generates recommendations based on your session’s state.

Engagement Index tracks every attendee's assessment, attendance and participation, calculates an overall score based on our secret benchmarks and gives personalized engagement scores.


Real-time Reporting

Measure your participant's attendance, exhaustion level, assessment participation and engagement index with just a click during your session.


After Session Reporting

Get the most data out of your training session. Create reports based on engagement and assessment per attendee basis.


Aggregated Reporting

Create retroactive aggregated reports for your past sessions. Use these to highlight your track record of attendee satisfaction and engagement.

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