Create exceptional sessions once and deliver them live through multiple instructors.

Perculus-enabled sessions are extremely interactive, engaging, and fun. Just design your activities with the easy-to-use Perculus Session Planner and let your session flow!

Treat each session as a product. A product you design, add interactions, presenter notes, and consummate. When it's ready, any instructor on your team will be able to deliver a flawless session.

Deliver Better Results

Do you currently outsource training and consulting? Use Perculus' ever-expanding activity and tools library to further improve your results. Increase your customer satisfaction with challenging and unique activities. Keep everyone on track. Never lose control in a session.


Engage Your Audience

Never settle with screen sharing or PDFs. Always go for more! Utilize Perculus' activities and games to improve audience involvement in your sessions. Perculus offers you a learning activity kit that can boost productivity and engagement.

Create & Deliver Best-Selling Sessions

Perculus keeps your specialized settings so you can reuse your session materials. Once designed, your course will stay ready for years. This flexibility means you can maintain incredible quality even if the instructor changes. Centralize your sessions on Perculus to keep track of everything.


Your Brand Matters!

Your brand matters to us. You can customize Perculus with your brand preferences by using our white-label product offerings. You will deliver outstanding sessions using Perculus tools tailored to match your unique brand style.

Master Instructors Create, Others Deliver

Let your top instructors create the materials for their sessions. Use all available learning activities to get the most out of your session.

Get the most out of your live training.

Manage Group Work

Trainer focused breakout rooms with full instructor control

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Learning Activities

Boost engagement and learning through interactive activities

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Video Conferencing

Learning focused and trainer controlled video conferencing

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Instant Assessment Live Reporting

Get instant analytics about your attendee participation, learner focus, activity participation during your session.

No Installation Instant Start.

Start teaching right away with no installation needed for trainers and learners.

Start sessions and share easily.

Perculus enables you to add interactive and fun icebreakers whenever you want in a session.

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