Create the most engaging sessions for your audience.

Go beyond screen-sharing and presentations. Create your sessions in your own way. Stand out, and let your sessions be a special experience for your audience. Be the one who sets the limits.

Plan Ahead

You can always use an existing session plan, create a new one or adapt the session plan you choose before or during the session. Planning ahead gives you the chance to focus on what matters and leave the rest to us.

Break the Ice!

Being involved is not easy. But Perculus Icebreakers can be the life vest for the instructors! With exceptional features, Perculus offers your audience a productve environment to engage! Because the door to a successful session is unlocked with strong group dynamics.

Manage Your Time

We value your time. That's why we are keeping you on track with timers, and advanced time management tools while you're focused on your session. This way you can create an excellent learning experience, and we can back you up!

Reusable Content

Activities that you invested your time in are reusable for different sessions. You can make small changes or use them as they are in your next session. If your session is delivered by another instructor, this can help you, and another instructor on your team to be aligned on what you deliver.

Reusable Recordings

Perculus saves you from the trouble of shooting videos over and over again! We record all sessions for you and your audience according to your choice. Also, you can have the opportunity to use these videos for new customers in order to save time and resources. This way, your session recordings are ready to resell!

Assess Effectively

Tired of traditional question-and-answer methods of assessment? Here comes the great news: Perculus gives you the option to evaluate your audience with fun, and interactive activities like Reach-for-the-Top quizzes, debates, and more! With Perculus, assessing your audience will go beyond just asking questions.

The most engaging live training app.

Add fun and collaboration to your courses with insightful games and activities. Assess your students in the most fun way possible. Get the best analytics for your training.


Get the most out of your live training.

Manage Group Work

Trainer focused breakout rooms with full instructor control

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Learning Activities

Boost engagement and learning through learning activities

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Video Conferencing

Learning focused and trainer controlled video conferencing

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